Different Perspective

Interesting what a different perspective can do to the meaning of situations we are in.

One person may see danger in a situation, while another will see opportunity in the same situation.

I have been a chaplain for a few years earlier in my life. To be where the soldiers were, I had to go with them into war situations. Interesting how many saw that as danger (yes, and it was), but I saw that as an excellent opportunity to share Jesus Christ to previously hard-core atheists.


In 1 Samuel 17, David saw in the predicament Saul’s army was in with Goliath, an opportunity for God to be worshipped. The Israeli army saw only a giant. David saw a mortal man who defies God. Going into battle against Goliath, David knew he will not do it alone, because God will be with him. David looked at the difficult situation from God’s point of view.

Whatever we experience, is it sickness, a crisis, financial issues, etc. By viewing our predicament from God’s point of view helps us put insurmountable in perspective. Once we see clearly, we can tackle the situation.