The Impossible is Possible!

When it seems as if everything works against you….

Whatever you do, it seems as if everything works against you. You tried all the plans in your arsenal, nothings works today!!

Often people experience whatever they try, does not work.  How frustrating!


Most of us experience times when nothing works. You exercised, took supplements, vitamins and all the newest products on the market, though you got this ailment. Planned every little detail of that special meeting you have, but literally everything just went the other way. Projections were made, you planned , saved money, though disaster struck and out went the money. What do you do in circumstances like that?

David, a promising king of Israel, got all the best training, had excellent success, wonderful friends, best soldier with much success, but everything went wrong when king Saul got wind that the people love David more than him. We read about that in 1 Samuel 19.

The jealousy of Saul drove him to the extreme and he did what he could to kill David. He sent soldiers to do the obvious, BUT when they came close, “the Spirit of God came upon Saul’s men” (verse 20). When Saul went himself, “the Spirit of God came even upon him” (verse 23) and he was unable to harm David. He was immobilised by God.

Whenever it seems as if everything is impossible, it is possible to God. God makes the impossible, possible. Whatever your impossibilities are today, pray to God, ask that He will help you and do His will. “Is anything impossible to God?” We know the answer, He can make the impossible, possible.