You are loyal to something and/or somebody…

I am loyal to God, my wife, my family, my pastor, my friends, and the things I really value. Do you find it as difficult as me when you have to make a choice between two loyalties? Whenever I have to make a choice between God and something else, well you guessed it, I made the conscious decision ahead of time to choose God above all other loyalties. Did it hurt? Of course it did, but in the long run it was the best.


Loyalty is…

  • a costly quality.
  • the most selfless part of love.
  • standing by it’s commitments.
  • to never speak ill of those you are loyal to in public.
  • to even suffer for it.
  • a force, which generates more loyalty.
  • the GPS guiding you through conflicting demands of relationships.
  • to be ultimately loyal to God.

Public loyalty leads to private influence. Remember you set an example to others around you, if you are loyal even when it is difficult, it will generate loyalty around you. Don’t sow seeds of disloyalty or even discontent.

Jonathan, the son of king Saul, had every reason to get rid of his best friend David, because David will become the next king. Jonathan was loyal to God and David, even when it was dangerous (1 Samuel 20). Jonathan was loyal to his father and king. He was also loyal to his friend, David. His loyalty to God guided him through the conflicting demands of his human relationships.

When we communicate to our fiends and family that our greatest loyalty is to God and His truth, many of the other choices we have to make will be much clearer. The truth in the Bible will guide us in our decisions. Tell your friends and family that your greatest loyalty is to God.