Why, why, why??

Why did this happen? It is so unfair! It seems as if evil reigns. Why would God do this? I am mad at God!!
These are reactions we hear and, alas, sometimes use ourselves.

Recently I went through a terrible near death sickness, with surgeons surprised I made it. My first question, “how could this happen?” I am “Mr Prevention” and, and, and… This all didn’t help. I got an infection in my spine, the surgeons could not explain. I would not tell all the other stuff that was just against all odds.


Why would God let bad things happen with His children? Why, why?

That might precisely be the question David could ask in 1 Samuel 22. The Lord appointed David as the next king, though he experienced everything but kingly treatment, instead persecution to be put to death!!

How difficult this might have been for David, but this period of persecution was a part of God’s preparation of David for the throne. He needed to suffer in the wilderness to learn not to trust men but to trust the Lord. Saul’s murder of 85 innocent priests and their families shows to what extent people will go once they have rejected the Lord. Saul was a liar and a murderer, just like Satan (John 8:44). Saul was unwilling to slay the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15), yet he had no problem slaying his own, innocent priests.

Serving God does not mean we will automatically have wealth, success, or health.  God does not promise to protect good people from evil, but He promises that He will ultimately abolish all evil. From many sides in everyday life we hear, be in control, take control, but we have to recognise that ultimately God is in control. We have to take responsibility for our lives, yes, but let God take ultimate control of your life. It takes trust in God to let Him be in control of our lives. Sometimes God has to use difficult times to teach us we are not in control, but have to trust Him.

We need “wilderness testings” to bring us closer to the Lord and to make us better equipped to serve and trust Him. Saul was not the king, yet he was reigning; David was the king, but he was not yet on the throne. Satan seems to be “reigning” today, but Christ is King and one day He will take His rightful throne.

When you are going through tough times, ask rather “God show me what your purposes are?” And trust God, He has a plan. He is omniscient (He knows all), He was already where you are now. He loves you and cares. Trust Him! He has a plan!