Characteristics of a wise woman

God want every woman to fulfill His intended role for them.
In 1 Samuel 25 we meet Abigail, an example of a wise woman.

Woman silhouette

Abigail’s husband, Nabal, was an ill-tempered, drunken man. When David was hiding from the jealous King Saul, David and his men guarded Nabal’s flocks against attacks in the desert. In return David asked Nabal only once for food for himself and his men. Nabal blatantly refused. Angered, David threatened to plunder Nabal’s possessions and kill Nabal himself. Abigail, in her wisdom, gathered enough food for David’s men, rode out to meet David, and bowed before him to show her respect. By agreeing with David that Nabal had acted with great disrespect, she stemmed David’s anger. To Abigail’s credit, she did not leave her godless husband. When Nabal died, David married Abigail and she later bore him a son, Chileab.

Some characteristics of a wise woman:
* Abigail was intelligent and beautiful, totally mismatched with her husband Nabal, whose name means ‘fool,’ a man with qualities opposite of Abigail. She stayed faithful to her husband, though it seemingly was a difficult marriage.
* Abigail was one of the most notable women of the Old Testament. Abigail was wise, decisive, and yet sensitive.
* She clearly had great interpersonal skills, and was not only able to diffuse David’s anger, but also was able to help him think through the consequences of his hastily conceived intentions.
* An analysis of Abigail’s appeal to David shows how wise and politically astute she was.
* She enabled David to retain his self-respect and the respect of his men.
* Abigail seemed intuitively to realize that David was a complex individual, and she shaped her appeal to fit not only David’s political goals but also his moral commitments. Abigail appealed to what was best in David’s character. She helped him choose to act out of those basic values.
* The brief glimpse of Abigail that the Bible gives us shows a strong and independent woman. Those in Nabal’s household, who hurried to Abigail when their master acted foolishly, recognized these qualities in her. Abigail was a person on whom all around her could and did depend.
* David’s brief encounter with Abigail so impressed him that when Nabal died a few days later, David was eager to take Abigail as his wife. David clearly saw Abigail as a person who could complement his own strengths and balance his weaknesses. Like other men who are secure in themselves, David found himself attracted by Abigail’s obvious strengths. Only weak and insecure men are frightened of strong women. Women who have some of Abigail’s qualities do themselves a disservice if they try to hide their strengths out of fear of frightening away men.
* Abigail’s unique leadership of her household staff included a servant’s heart and boldness, which was tempered with restraint and discretion (1 Sam. 25:23–33).
* Abigail provides us with a pattern for successful confrontation. Couples today should find a great example in the exchange between Abigail and David. Abigail offered advice, but in a wise and gracious way. David did not let his ego deter him from heeding what she said.
* To Abigail people were more important than tasks.
* She exerted qualities like self-sacrifice, gentleness, service without reward, patience, kindness, nurturing of relationships, and mercy.

Abigail’s qualities touched on the description of a Godly woman in Proverbs 31.