Respect in the face of disappointment

People in authority make mistakes. How do you respond?
Leading people in any capacity has its challenges. What does the Bible teach how to respond to somebody in leadership, who makes mistakes and err?

Leader on pedestal

David had his second chance to kill king Saul, and become the appointed king of Israel (1 Samuel 26). Instead of killing Saul, David made a choice to stick to his moral values.

David learned that Saul is again trying to kill David. Saul slept in his camp close to where David was. During the night David and two of his followers went into Saul’s camp. The two soldiers with David strongly suggest that David kills Saul. Instead of killing the sleeping Saul, David took Saul’s spear and water jug as sign of the opportunity he had to kill Saul. David made the choice not to kill the anointed of the Lord (Saul) – which was the law of the Lord. David didn’t want to run ahead of God’s timing to be king. The strongest moral decisions are the ones we make before temptation strikes.

To do wrong in order to execute justice, is not moral. Even when our closest friends counsel us to do something that seems right, we must always put God’s Word first.

Leaders make mistakes, is unfaithful or incompetent. In such a situation some followers are quick to criticise, gossip, work against or move against the leader oblivious to God’s hidden purposes and timing. God always has a plan. Determining not to do wrong, David left Saul’s destiny in God’s hands. While we should not ignore sin and allow evil leaders to carry on their wickedness (like Saul), neither should we take actions that are against God’s Word. We should work for righteousness while trusting God. It is wrong to gossip, work behind the scenes to get rid of a leader, because we want it the our way. Trust God, He has a plan.

David made it clear that he has great respect for God and God’s appointed leader (Saul). When you have to make a point, look for creative, God-honouring ways to do so. That is what David did – he took the spear and water jug of king Saul and afterwards David shows it to king Saul as evidence that he could have killed Saul.
Show respect and trust God, He knows what He is doing.