Overwhelmed and in despair? God is there!

Good times, spiritual wonderful times and then the feelings of despair and overwhelmed by circumstances.


Immediately after David’s inner victory over what must have been a terrible temptation to kill Saul, David thought, “One of these days I will be destroyed by the hand of Saul” (1 Samuel 27:1). As is often the case with us, victory was followed by an emotional letdown. David was in despair. David trusted the Lord for the future but got tired of fleeing all the time from Saul, who wanted to kill him.

In his despondency, David fled to the land of Israel’s enemies, the Philistines. He was given a city by one Philistine rulers, and from that city he and his men raided neighbouring settlements, just like the Philistines did. David let the Philistines believe that he was against Israel. Psalm 142 translates David’s feelings under these circumstances and may also describes our feelings in down times of our lives.

David often found himself in situations where the temptation to choose the easy way was great. At times David did choose wrongly. But in the great tests, like that moment when David stood over a sleeping Saul, David found the strength to choose what he believed to be God’s will.

David was not always walking in the will of the Lord, for it seems that his faith failed him when he went back to who was earlier his enemy (Philistines), to live under their  protection. David’s sojourn in enemy territory forced him to lie to the king (1 Samuel 27:10–12), and when the Philistines did gather (1 Samuel 29:1), David was almost forced to fight against his own people! When we lean on the wisdom of the flesh, we always end up in trouble.

Though we may sometimes feel that we are in a dark deep pit, God is there and He loves you, want to forgive you for whatever wrong you did, repent it. Go back to God in prayer and seeking His will in the Word, He will talk to you through the Word. David, by going back to what the Lord’s will was for His life, was one of the best kings and God said about David, that he is a man close to God’s heart.
There is hope in despair – God loves you though you may not feel it. God is omniscient – He knows your situation; God is omnipresent – He is with you in every situation.