How to Know what to Do.

Have you been in a situation to make a decision and you really didn’t had a clue what to do? There are times when it is really difficult to know what to do.

Without direction, it becomes difficult to know what is the right thing.  To follow your hunch is not always the best.  To follow the council of friends in a particular situation might help, but not always.  In the real world it is not always so easy to know when and what to do.

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In 1 Samuel 28 king Saul was before a choice and didn’t know what to do.  He stopped listening to God, Samuel (the priest) is dead, and there is nobody who can tell him what to do.  Saul was in a dilemma, because he wanted to do what is right.

Sometimes people ask God, but don’t get any answer. When people don’t fulfill the responsibilities God has already given them, don’t be surprised when God does not give any further guidance.  Do what God ask you to do the first time, when you are faithful He might give you further guidance for the next step.  If you are in the category, like many of us, who didn’t listen the first time to God, repent it and tell God you are sorry and will follow His will.  God is gracious and want to help His children, who come back to His will.

King Saul did the most worst thing a Christian can do, he went to the occult to look for guidance. Previously Saul removed all witchcraft from Israel, but in his desperation turn to witchcraft for direction.

We may denounce sin, but if our hearts don’t change, sin will return.  To know what is the right and condemning what is wrong does not take the place of doing what is right.

Turning to anything else but God, may lead to disaster. Let the difficult times in your life turn you to God and make you dependent on God.