“Between a rock and a hard place!”

Surrounded by problems, difficulty and unescapable circumstances we don’t know what to do. How to escape? How to negotiate through the difficult circumstances? Literally in a “catch 22” situation?

Between a rock and hard place

In Samuel 29, David escaped from king Saul and lived with Israel’s enemies, the Philistines for about 14 months. David, his men and families settled in until the Philistines decided to attack the Israelites. When the Philistines did gather, David was almost forced to fight against his own people!
When we lean on the wisdom of the flesh, like David who made his own plans to escape the persecution of Saul and stay with the Philistines, we always end up in trouble. It was only the grace of God that kept David from having to slay his own people.

David volunteers to join with the Philistines in fighting against Saul’s army, David’s own people. Then just as David started to fret about his “catch-22”-situation, some of the Philistine leaders feared he will turn against them during battle. So the Philistine leader sent David back to the land of the Philistines.
Thus David, doubtless relieved, avoids fighting against his own countrymen – and does so with Philistine blessing. The very same Philistines who will finally dispose of Saul are the ones who unwittingly rescue David.

God’s providence orders wisely and graciously for His children even when they have sadly erred. Even the ill favour of men may turn out to be for our good that a door might be opened for deliverance out of straits our own folly have brought us into.

God loves His children. He is omniscient (knows all), He will take care of the situation – He is allmighty, do what you can, call out to Him, and trust Him for the rest. He will make a way, where there is no way…