Freely you receive, freely give…

There are many people around us in need. How do we look at them?


From: skeducationfoundation

David and his 600 men went with the Philistines to fight against their own people (1 Samuel 29) but then the Philistines send them back. When they arrived back in their Philistine town, it was plundered and burned down by the Amalekites (1 Samuel 30). David and his 600 men pursued the Amalekites, but being very tired after all the action, 200 soldiers stayed in a ravine halfway to the Amalekites. David conquered the Amalekites and brought back all the women and children as well as an abundance of plunder. After their return, a dispute arises over the distribution of the plunder (1 Samuel 30:21–31). Some troublemakers (you get them everywhere) among the 400 soldiers asked: Should the two hundred men who could not keep up with the others receive an equal share of the goods? As a wise and fair leader David insists that all the shares be the same, for the victory was the work of the Lord and none of the men could claim credit for it.  The same God who had handed over Goliath to David had handed over the Amalekites. David’s band of warriors were one, although they had different strengths and abilities. They would share equally in the fruits of victory.

Those who provide support services and backing you up are as important as you. Though those supporting are not in the glamorous positions, they should get our support.

Whenever you receive, though you worked hard, freely give. First to the Lord, then to those around you and those in need.

If it was not for the Lord, you would not have had the health to work and earn a living. Out of your abundance, give to those who really need it.