Live the Truth

A life of deceit leads to disaster. Living the truth might cost a price, but in the end it will bring its dividends.


To hear lies about myself going in gossip circles, hurt. Though it was encouraging when the truth eventually conquered.
To lie, change the truth a bit, or withhold the truth just to make it easier, might seem as the better way out but will somehow catch up with the truth.

In 1 Samuel 31, Saul died by committing suicide, but in 2 Samuel 1, an Amalekite comes to David, claiming to have put Saul out of his misery at Saul’s request. If this was the truth I wanted to say: Had Saul obeyed the Lord in 1 Samuel 15 and slain all the Amalekites, this would not have happened. The sin we fail to slay is the one that slays us.
Though it appears that the Amalekite’s story of killing Saul is a fabrication. Perhaps he sought recognition or reward from David by claiming to have slain Saul. Inconsistencies in the Amalekite’s story are: In 1 Samuel 31, Saul committed suicide, here the Amalekite killed him; there he was wounded by archers, here his enemies were charioteers; there the Philistines took his armour, here the Amalekite brought his crown and armlet to David.
Far from receiving the reward that he thinks David will surely give him because of the “good news” he thought he was bringing the Amalekite’s callous bravado has sealed his own doom. The Amalekite, hoping for a reward by bringing to David the crown that had been on Saul’s “head,” discovers too late that his claim to have killed Saul has brought bloodguilt against the Lord’s anointed down on his own head. The story of lies and deceit ends with the death of the Amalekite. If David rewarded the Amalekite for murdering Saul, David would have shared his guilt.
In the light of 1 Samuel 31, it is clear that the Amalekite’s claim to have killed Saul was false, and was attempting to deceive David. Lying can cause disaster for the liar.

What to do about the truth in a our situation:

  • Live revolutionary with truth: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell. Live the truth against the tide of deceit. Fill yourself with the Word of God and live it.
  • Live transcendent truth: You can either live life based on past experiences, current feelings or transcendent truth. Therefore “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5).
  • Know the truth: Somebody said: “Most people doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts. Do just the opposite.” Ask yourself often: What do I know to be true?
  • Commit yourself to truth and transparency.
  • Confess your wrongdoing, and don’t try to cover it up.
  • Don’t exaggerate, but rather understate the facts