How to wait

We experience a world of fast decision and about everything becomes instant. Is it then archaic to wait upon the Lord? To the world around us it may seem like it, but we know better!


King David had to wait several years before he was crowned king over all of Israel (2 Samuel 5). He was anointed by Samuel (1 Samuel 16:13) as king many years before he was actually crowned as king. He had to trust God, though everything went wrong for him – all the odds were against him. He went through very difficult times and tribulations – he had to stick it out. In the mean time he had several opportunities to kill king Saul, his predecessor, but he followed God’s counsel and trusted that God will do His will at His time. He did not take everything in his own hands, but trusted God and waited upon God.
David had to wait until the right time – fourteen years. He resisted instant results and success. He was patient. He asked God all the way for His will. This time of waiting strengthened his character and ready him for what has to come. David knew he had to trust God, though everything went wrong and for sure not his way. In all of this he knew true greatness only comes from God – he knew to be great he had to keep his relationship with God close and personal.

If you look for greatness, in your quest for greatness, keep your ambition under God’s control and wait upon Him. Have patience. Waiting is not incidental to faith. Waiting is the DNA of faith.

What to do while you wait:

  • Recognise that God is in control, even when it seems He has forgotten you. “Look around at the nations; look and be amazed! For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it” (Habakkuk 1:5).
  • Often when it seems nothing is happening is when everything is happening behind the scenes. You just can’t see it. The machinery of God’s sovereignty at work, unbeknownst to us.
  • Renew your faith in God’s quiet, steady providence. Many significant persons (like David) in the Bible was forced to wait long periods of time before God brought them to a place of success.
  • Redeem your time while waiting. Do what your hands find to do while you wait. So anxious are we for that “next step,” we languish in despair. James 1:4 reminds us to “let patience have her perfect work.”
  • Times of uncertainty and doubt are useful periods in which we can draw into God, hone our skills and prepare for the time when it all will happen.
  • See your time to wait as a season of growth and development and you’ll find you’ll be that much more ready for your moment on the stage.
  • Waiting for answers can be one of the most grueling seasons of life, but with the proper perspective, you may look back at those times as the most formative.