What to do with temptation

There is one thing we all suffer from, it’s the consequences of the fall in the garden of Eden – sin. What to do when we are tempted like Eve?


David sinned by taking Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11.
It was not a passionate youth who deliberately walked into this sin, but a man of God who had now reached middle age. It is easy to see how David got into this sin:

  • He was self-confident, after enjoying victories and prosperity;
  • He abandoned his purpose by staying home from war;
  • He focused on his own desires. He was self-indulgent, giving freedom to his desires when he should have disciplined himself;
  • He was careless, allowing his eyes to wander and yielding to the “lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes” (1 John 2:16). The Christian soldier must never lay aside the armor (Eph. 6:10 ff).

James 1:13–15 describes David’s case:

  • His desires were activated by the sight, and he failed to curb them;
  • Desire conceived the sin in his imagination;
  • His will surrendered and this led to sin;
  • He sinned deliberately;
  • He could have chosen to stop and turn from sin, but once it started, it is difficult to stop (James 1:14,15).
  • He tried to cover up his sin by deceiving others;
  • His actions led to death. He did not “watch and pray” as Matt. 26:41 commands; nor did he deal decisively with his “wandering eye” (Matt. 5:29 and 18:9). “When desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin!” warns James 1:15
  • Eventually like all sin, his sin was exposed and punished;
  • The consequences of all sin are far reaching. Like in David’s situation, it affected many others.

How to flee from temptation:

  • Ask God in prayer to help you to stay away from people, places, and situations tempting you.
  • Memorise Bible verses, which address your specific temptation and cite it to yourself the moment you are tempted.
  • Trust that God can fulfill your desires in His time.
  • Share with another believer your temptation and call that person when temptation strikes.

If you sinned, repent it and ask God to help you.
God is saying He will forgive. Trust Him on it.