What to do when sin takes its toll?

A wrong decision, leads to a wrong deed and regret. What to do when we have sinned?


David sinned by having a baby with somebody else’s wife and to cover it up, he killed her husband. At least a year passed, during which time David covered his sins. He became weak and sick physically; he lost his joy; he lost his witness; he lost his power. God gave David plenty of time to make things right, but he persisted in hiding his sins. Had he come to the Lord on his own, in sincere repentance, things might have been different later on. Finally, God sent Nathan, not with a message of blessing, but with a message of conviction. How easy it is to be convicted about other people’s sins! But Nathan fearlessly told David, “You are the man!”
We must commend David for bowing to the authority of the Word of God and confessing his sin. God was ready to forgive David’s sins, but He could not prevent those sins from “bringing forth death” (James 1:15). God’s grace forgives, but God’s government must allow sinners to reap what they sow. The sword never left David’s household. He sowed lust and reaped the same; he sowed murder and reaped murders, for “whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (Galatians. 6:7).

God does not leave men in their sins to go their own way unwarned and unchastised, but sends His messengers after them to call them to repentance. The word of God that would call the sinner to repentance reminds the sinner of the fullness of grace and God’s goodness. This reminds the sinner of his ingratitude and disobedience; although it points the sinner to the earnestness of God’s holiness and righteousness.
David repents his sins and come clean with God, but he had to deal with the consequences of his sin.

When sinned, repent it:

  • David repented his sins, read Psalm 51.
  • True repentance consists of penitent recognition and confession of sin against the holy God.
  • Seek God’s grace, pursue it and look at the ways you prevent His grace in your life.
  • Accept God’s consolation of the forgiveness of all sins – 1 John 1:9.

Humbly yield the consequences of your sins.  The painful consequences of sin are a means of grace for the sinner:

  • Test the sinner’s faith and confidence in God’s fatherly love.
  • Chasten and instruct in righteousness, according to the will of God.
  • Purge the sinner from other clinging sinfulness.
  • It establishes the sinner in a state of grace.

Experience God’s love.