God used sinners to bring Christmas to us

It is Christmas time and sometimes we just thinking, yes, Jesus came to earth, but I might be just one of millions on earth. You might say: I am normal, just an average person with flaws. Does God really care about who I am? The answer is: Yes!


When we look at the family tree of Jesus, we see amazing facts giving us hope. A family tree is a list of a person’s ancestors. Matthew 1:1-17 begins with an account of the story of Jesus with a family tree. For the Jewish people, knowing your family tree was important maintaining their identity.

An overview of the family tree of Jesus gives us valuable information about Jesus and it can make a difference in your life. If you were to ask someone to list their ancestors, they would probably sugar-coat things, listing the kings and the heroes. When you look at Jesus’ family tree you see just the opposite. Many in Jesus’ family tree had flaws of all kinds. Behind every name is a story.

  • Abraham was a liar: twice said that his wife was his sister so that he would not have to fight for her.
  • Isaac was another liar: He said that his wife was his sister, and then got caught snuggling up to her.
  • Jacob was a cheat and swindler, he lied to his father, cheated his brother, and ripped off his father-in-law.
  • Judah sold his own brother Joseph into slavery and slept with his daughter-in-law, thinking that she was a prostitute.
  • Rahab was a prostitute.
  • Ruth was a gentile from a despised country, not a Jew.
  • David committed adultery and then had the husband of the woman killed, thus a murderer.
  • Solomon allowed his wives…and he had a bunch… to worship false gods.
  • Jeroboam split the nation of Israel in two with his harsh ways.
  • Many of the kings in Jesus line were wicked and evil. They worshiped false gods and did many cruel things. One king, Manasseh, even sacrificed his own son to an idol, among other detestable things.

All of Jesus’ descendants were very human with very human weaknesses, some worse than others.
You might think that the son of God, the King of the Universe, the Messiah himself would have a good pedigree. But this is not so.

And yet, God used these sinful, fallen people in his plan to bring the Saviour to the world, to save the world.
God used murderers, cheats, liars, prostitutes, pagans and swindlers to carry out His plan to save the world.
Why? Because he sent his Son to save murderers, cheats, liars, prostitutes, pagans and swindlers. People like you and me.
He allowed his perfect Son to be born from such imperfect ancestors because it was those kinds of people who God came to save and use in His kingdom.
If God is willing to use these kinds of people in His plan, He can use us.
There are not enough sinful people to stop God in his relentless quest to save the world.

Merry Christmas!