God can use impossible circumstances to save his people.

Ever thought you are in circumstances you can’t handle? God can use all circumstances for the good of His children.  God even used circumstances people thought there are no solution for to let His Son, Jesus be born.

The genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:1-17 shows that God worked through all kinds of trying circumstances to bring his Saviour to this earth:

Abraham wandered from Babylon to Egypt and back to the Promised Land, narrowly escaping death many times. Although he and his wife were childless beyond the normal time, God provided him a son who would eventually become a nation. His son was Isaac who was almost sacrificed on a mountain.

Jacob was nearly killed by his own brother and had a difficult time even finding a wife. At the time he died the entire nation of God was less than 100 people.

Judah’s generation would have died in a famine had it not been for his younger brother Joseph being sold into slavery.

Then the nation of Israel lived as slaves in Egypt for 400 years, seemingly forgotten by God. Having been freed by escaping through the Red Sea, the nation wandered in the desert for 40 years. God was disappointed with the nation of Israel, but allowed the nation to live so that the next generation could take the Promised Land.

Once they were in the Promised Land the nation had to fight the people living in the land. When they obeyed God, they did well, when they rebelled they suffered. Yet God kept the nation alive, and the line of Abraham continued on…God would not allow this line to end.

By the time we get to Jesse, King David and Solomon, the nation had become great, but they had also become spiritually corrupt, worshiping other gods. God kept working through this lineage, because he had promised that the Saviour would come from this line.

From Solomon through Jehoiachin, God had to be patient with a nation that was wicked, corrupt, and faithless. Over and over he sent his prophets to warn, beg, and threaten his people to turn back to him. But over and over the people turned their back on God.

God allowed his people to be taken off into exile. Rather than just allowing them to be killed off, God had them carried off. For generations the nation lived in exile.

Nations came and went. The Babylonians were defeated by the Persians. The Persians allowed the Jews to go back to the Promised Land, but then the Persians were defeated by the Greeks. The Greeks spread their beautiful nation around the Mediterranean, giving all nations a common language. Then the Romans came, bringing peace and roads and shipping that would unite the Mediterranean.

In the midst of all this upheaval, God preserved the Jewish people. And a man named Jacob gave birth to a son named Joseph, who married a woman named Mary, who gave birth to a son named Jesus, who is called the Messiah.

God kept the line from Abraham to Jesus unbroken so that Jesus could be born to be a sacrifice and a king for us.

We all get to a point where the circumstances become too difficult for us to carry on and we quit, but not God. He kept going through all the circumstances to make sure that there was an unbroken line from Abraham to Jesus. No matter how unfaithful the Israelites were, no matter how hopeless things seemed, no matter how impossible it was to keep going, God kept going.
Why? Because he loved you so much that he wanted to make sure that Jesus would come to save the world from its sins.

God loved you so much that he was willing to literally move heaven and earth to get his son to earth to be the king.
It’s like the rescue teams whose motto is, “Failure is not an option.” You might say that this is God’s motto in making sure that Jesus would come to save us, “Failure is not an option.” Through wars, famines, betrayals, slavery, exile, and turmoil, God is going to make sure that Jesus comes.

When you read the story behind these names, you realize that God loves you so much that He worked through all these situations to make sure that Jesus, the Messiah, would come.