When Pretending is not good enough anymore

Often it’s crushing for us to discover that a person we admire has faults. An idealised parent disappoints, a friend we respect falls short. Discouraged and hurt, we feel a bitterness that is hard to overcome.


In 1 Samuel 13:14 God calls David a man after God’s heart. Though David had flaws, feet of clay (2 Samuel 11) and experienced many troubles (2 Samuel 13 and 15). David’s life was a painting of bad and good, highs and lows. Some of the troubles he experienced were because of his sins and other troubles were caused by the sins of people around him.
To control the downs and ups of our lives are sometimes impossible, but we can trust God for the outcome. Be assured that God will help His children through the trials as He helped David. Keep holding onto God, He will reward you for your consistent faith.

The saint David who wrote Psalm 23, is revealed as a sinner and very human. This obviously leads us to ask how a holy God can use people who have such obvious flaws. When God uses people like David we are reminded that God is a realist. God does not use pretentious whitewash believers. This actually should encourage us that we can approach God and be used by Him in spite of our own weaknesses. God won’t overlook or be crushed by our flaws. Psalm 103:14 say that God knows who we are.

When we discover that David struggled, lost out to his weaknesses and gave in to sin’s pull, we know David’s experiences are relevant to us! We can identify with this man. We are all bound up together in the shared ties of humanity. David knew the feelings and temptations that we know. When we realise the failures and follies of David, it demonstrates this common bond and encourages us to identify our own inner struggles with his.
This may seem as if we and God condone sin. Neither does God or we condone sin. But through David we learn fresh lessons about the grace of God, and we are reminded that we can come to the Lord too and He will meet us as well as our needs.

When the Bible paints some of the saints to be sinners, Scripture is expressing that the good news of God’s love for us is not to trust God and we will be freed of our humanity, but that the Lord has committed Himself to deal with sin and to make us progressively more and more like Him. For progressive growth we always stand in need of God’s grace and help. God deals with sin through forgiveness. The greatness of David is not in his perfection but in his willingness to face his sin and to return wholeheartedly to God.

We see in the example of David a testimony of God’s love, grace and goodness. God forgave David’s sins and enabled him for the task to which he was called.
God wants to do the same for us. God has provided in Jesus Christ forgiveness for the past and that opens up our future. Through the Holy Spirit God has provided strength to enable us to meet life’s challenges, fully equipping us for whatever in life we are called to.