How to be a Mentor?

There is a tremendous need for mentors. So many people need guidance on life choices and other matters. There are few people willing to spend an hour per week with somebody sharing expertise, experiences, Godly wisdom, etc.
It was my privilege to lead mentorship groups. It is rewarding to hear from those protégés and see what they attained and how they applied all those insights.

MentorThe best mentor ever was Jesus Christ – Matthew 4:19. He mentored 12 people for three years. The results were and still are far-reaching.

What is the job description of a spiritual mentor?
A spiritual mentor awakens the protégé to his/her uniqueness as a loved child of God, who is created in the image of God. The mentor establishes the relationship with the protégé to empower the protégé for authentic acts of ministry.

What does it take to be a good spiritual mentor?
Love the protégé as person; encourage him/her; be open and honest with the protégé; scrutinize your own motives; relax and enjoy the relationship; look for the best interest of the protégé; pray for your protégé; keep a file on every protégé, gathering articles of interest; respect the relationship of trust between you and the protégé.

What are the practical requirements for spiritual mentors?
Develop, understand and live your mission. Have a spiritual mentor yourself. Make a commitment with the protégé(s) for at least one year. Begin your own spiritual protégé group after six months. Don’t be a mentor for more than 3 protégé ’s. Pray for your protégés and your own mentor. Let your mentor take you on an exposure journey and after that take your protégé on an exposure journey. Commit yourself to growth and development. Have a servant heart. Be prepared to pay the price.

Pitfalls of spiritual mentors
Messiah Complex: To try to rescue and deliver everybody around you from struggles and pain of life; Problem-Solver Mentality: always have the right answers and offer the way out for the people around you; Assembly Line Syndrome: I will shape you into a predetermined form or product; Wisdom Dispenser Approach: dispense wisdom-on-demand every time I meet you, because I am a wisdom fountain.
Defining these mentorship pitfalls go without saying, that we can’t rescue and deliver our protégés from the pain of life. A mentor is not a solution dispenser, but rather look with the protégé for solutions. A mentor is rather a facilitator than a fixer and producer of products. A mentor does not have all the answers to all questions.