Who is a Protégé?

Is this just a term used by sophisticated people for aliens or what?
A protégé is a person in an accountable relationship with a mentor, to develop his/her character and potential as far as possible. A protégé is a person who “follows.” Be careful and sure who and what you follow. It might build you up tremendously or break you down.
The mentor I had, was a God-fearing older man with a lot of wisdom and well-respected by many. Since then I find it hard to get another mentor.

Child teaching

In Matthew 4:19 Jesus asked Peter and his brother Andrew to “follow” him. These men already knew a lot about Jesus. Jesus talked to Peter and Andrew before this incident in John 1:35-42 and He was preaching in the area Peter and Andrew were. They got to know who Jesus was and what He was teaching. When Jesus called them to follow, they already did their “homework” on Jesus and were willing to “follow.”

What are the characteristics of a spiritual protégé?
A protégé…

  • Desires spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Is vulnerable in sharing (intimate) issues of life.
  • Is responsive and respectful to the directives of the spiritual mentor.
  • Has a teachable spirit.
  • Is faithful to the spiritual mentoring relationship and other life responsibilities.
  • Desires to serve GOD with his/her whole life.

The ideal spiritual protégé is…

  • Someone with vision
  • Seeking challenges
  • Self-motivated
  • Want to develop
  • Want to learn more
  • Loveable
  • A peoples-person
  • Schedule time to learn more.
  • Is somebody you want to deposit your life into
  • Transparent life
  • Take responsibility for his/her life
  • Respect the spiritual mentor
  • Is transparent to share sensitive issues
  • Want to become spiritually mature
  • Respond on the Spiritual mentor’s advice
  • Want to serve the Lord
  • Teachable spirit
  • Faithful to the Spiritual mentorship relation and other responsibilities
  • Maturity that gives some confidence that their personal lives and integrity will stand the test of Christian leadership
  • Is a leader-to-be
  • Passionate about the church
  • A desire to change things
  • Being willing to take on challenges
  • Someone whom people naturally turn to
  • Maintaining the confidence of the Christian, and surrounding community