Are you part of a “mighty team?”

Wherever we go, we work with people, in church, at work, at home, etc.  Some of the most memorable experiences I had were to work together with great people on an outreach team in remote areas deep into Africa.  We worked hard, accomplished a lot and many souls were won for the Kingdom of God.  Are you part of a team, doing excellent stuff not to build your or somebody else’s kingdom, but God’s Kingdom?

David’s team was composed of “mighty men” 2 Samuel 23:8-17.  Because David attempted mighty things, only the mighty could keep up with him. Those who could not keep pace could not join the team.

Don BennettDon Bennett was the first person with an amputation to climb Mt. Rainier. His testimony is simple – if you try such a feat with only one leg, “you can’t do it alone.” That makes a lot of sense! But what is not immediately obvious is that not just anyone can help. Bennett did not recruit his helpers in a nursing home. He built a team of people who wanted to and who could climb a 14,410-foot peak.

One who attempts mighty feats had better be capable of recruiting a mighty team.

David did that. His was one of the most celebrated teams in the entire Old Testament. This group was the all-star team of his battle-hardened warriors. Several things stand out as we consider how David pulled his team together.

1.         David spent time with them in battle. These men were welded to David by the hot fires of battle. His inner circle consisted of those men who had fought alongside him. He knew their capabilities, because he had seen what they could do with his own eyes.  Its in times of difficulty that the Godly teams are separated from others. Can you stick together in difficult times, or do you look for shortcuts to back out? It is those difficult times in achieving a common goal that melts us together as a “mighty team.”

2.         David sacrificed for them. When three of his mighty men risked their lives to get drinking water for him during a battle, David refused to drink it, choosing instead to pour it out onto the ground (2 Samuel 23:13-17). That act of sacrifice communicated a depth of devotion and love that had to have impressed those warriors.  When a leader cares more about his people/team than his/her own needs, they see and respect it.  True sacrifice comes with devotion.

3.         They enjoyed victory together. Time and again David and his mighty men faced seemingly insurmountable odds and saw God deliver them.  Standing together in faith in the most difficult times, without giving up, usually brings the victory.  When we did whatever we could, trusting God with everything, believing God will help, He will according to His plan.

4.         David honoured them. These men were well-known throughout the land as “David’s Mighty Men.” That phrase served as a banner that set them apart as extraordinary.  Giving honour to God first and then to the people who toiled with you in the difficult battles of life

Through this whole process of wars David knew he couldn’t do it alone, and neither can we. Lets work together to build God’s kingdom….