Symptoms of Unresolved Anger

How do you know when you might have unresolved anger in your system?

Anger itself is not a problem, but unresolved anger becomes a problem. Prolonged anger produces bitterness and ignites unforgiveness.  Unresolved anger festers when people refuse to face their feelings in a healthy way and in the process harbour anger.  Unresolved anger creates a rift between you and God, but also damages your body, destroys your emotions, and demoralises your relationships. Whether you recognise it or not, extended anger can cause significant physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. Jesus said, Matthew 5:22 “I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.”

Like a doctor who looks for symptoms to identify the sickness, the “sickness” of unresolved anger shows in several symptoms.

  • The Physical Symptoms of Unresolved Anger: High blood pressure, heart disease, stomach disorders, intestinal disorders, headaches, blurred vision, insomnia, and compulsive eating.  Important to know that there might be other causes to these sicknesses as well.
  • Emotional Symptoms of Unresolved Anger: Anxiety, bitterness, compulsions, depression, fear, insecurity, phobias, and worry.  Furthermore it is important to know that these emotional states can also be caused by other circumstances and situations.
  • Spiritual Symptoms of Unresolved Anger: Loss of Perspective – allowing your emotions to distort your thinking; Loss of Vision – Losing a sense of purpose for your life; Loss of Sensitivity – Failing to hear the Spirit of God speaking to your heart; Loss of Energy – Lacking strength for your service to God and others; Loss of Freedom – Becoming a prisoner of your circumstances, Loss of Confidence – Feeling insecure about your response to difficulties; Loss of Faith – Failing to trust that God is working in your life; Loss of Identity – Becoming like the person toward whom you are bitter.

Unresolved anger produces bitterness. And the Bible links bitterness with being in bondage to sin. Acts 8:23 “I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”