Parenting Mistakes

Parents do not set out to be failures at child rearing. Are their any parenting traps to be aware of?

Parents desire to do their best for the precious gifts God places in their care. Although you may take your parenting role very seriously, beware of hidden traps that cause even the most dedicated parents to miss their goals.


Some of the Parenting Mistakes:

  • Priorities: Put money and possessions first in life. Preoccupation with popularity. Pushing for prominence and success. Preferring pleasure and travel above the kids.
  • Giving rejection messages to the children: Lack of eye contact with the child. Lack of appropriate physical contact with the kids. Lack of focused attention to the child. Lack of discipline.
  • Absent parents: Parents caught in the web of workaholism. Two-career parents. Unnecessary frequency of child-care. Lack of quality time with the child.
  • Power struggles: Mother/father role reversals (passive father, controlling mother). A parent’s unwillingness to admit mistakes. A parent’s possessiveness of the child or the other parent. Parents competing with other parents through their children.
  • Spiritual roadblocks: Differing goals and expectations. Serving God to the detriment of your family. Misunderstanding the character of God. Living out of your own resources (not appropriating the life of Christ within you). “Free me from the trap that is set for me, for you are my refuge.” (Psalm 31:4)