What Not to Do when you Discipline your Child

To discipline a child is for some parents a tight rope. What are the things not to do when you discipline your child?

  • Don’t feel guilty when you discipline your child. You are loving your child well when you keep your child to the set boundaries.
  • Don’t be afraid of losing your child’s love for a while. By doing God’s will, you will earn your child’s respect.
  • Don’t view structure and limits as punishment. You are establishing beneficial boundaries.
  • Don’t try to manipulate your child with fear or guilt. See discipline as a positive step to put your child back on a correction course.
  • Don’t embarrass your child in front of others. Remember to praise in public (if the child deserves it) and correct in private.
  • Don’t belittle your child with sarcasm (because sarcasm is a symptom of your anger). Speak the truth in love and discipline with compassion.
  • Don’t compare your child with others. See your child as an unique creation of God.
  • Don’t discipline your child in anger. Wait for your anger to pass as you pray for wisdom in order to discipline appropriately.

Proverbs 13:24 “…he who loves him (his son) is careful to discipline him.”