Substitutes for Self-Worth

Suffering an emotional deficit let you normally go to a substitute of some sort. If you are suffering with low self-worth and think you may be pursuing a substitute to make up for an emotional deficit, which of the statements below are true about you?

  • I am impressed with status symbols and often live beyond my income.
  • I am overly competitive and view losing as a reflection of my value and worth.
  • I am seeking approval and am envious of important people.
  • I am constantly striving for recognition.
  • I am perfectionistic in an attempt to earn approval.
  • I am addicted to substances, sex, and food.
  • I am angry and intimidating at times in a zeal to accomplish my goals.
  • I am financially extravagant in an attempt to impress others.
  • I am obsessed with having certain possessions.
  • I am insistent on getting my way.

If you struggle with any of these substitutes, ask yourself this question … “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36