How to Develop a Life Plan (2)

To fulfill your life-purpose, you have to have a plan for your life and purposefully fulfilling it. Without a Life Plan you might miss the target. A Life Plan will help you to fulfill your life-purpose step-by-step.

  1. The first step developing your Life Plan is to discern the eternal meaning of your life by answering the question: “Why was I created?”
  2. The second step is to discover the earthly purpose of your life by answering the following question: “Does God have a personal and unique purpose for my life?” Yes, and the purposes for your life were preplanned in the heart of God.
  3. The third step is to choose goals that are right for you. Define goals that will help you achieve your purposes:

Goals for your Life Plan:

  • Goals that are specific
  • Goals that are reachable
  • Goals with a target time for completion
  • Goals that are important to God and to you
  • Goals that are not dependent on others for success
  • Goals that will benefit others
  • Goals that do not contradict the will of God

“We make it our goal to please him.” (2 Corinthians 5:9)