Examples of Verbal Abuse

There are many different ways verbal and emotional abuse can be expressed. Verbal and emotional abuse can have as many faces as the people who give it and receive it. Abuse can be subtle or blatant, quiet or loud, smooth or abrasive. But with all its differences, abuse is always either verbal or nonverbal in delivery, and it always deeply impacts your personal and social life. “His speech is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords.” (Psalm 55:21)

Examples of Verbal Abuse: Accusing, “Advising” excessively, Backbiting, Badgering, Bashing because of gender, race, or religion; Belittling, Betraying confidences, Blame-shifting, Brainwashing, Breaking promises, Bullying, Complaining chronically about unjust treatment, Controlling conversations, Criticising unjustly, Degrading, Demanding false confessions, Demanding that unrealistic expectations be met, Demeaning family members, Denying that abuse ever occurred, Denying that the abuse is wrong, Destroying credibility, Dictating orders, Disgracing, Gossiping, Humiliating publicly, Insulting, Interrupting constantly, Laughing at abusive behaviour, Lying or truth twisting, Making fun of a person’s fear, Making negative comparisons to others, Making racial slurs, Minimising what is wrong, Mocking, Name-calling, Playing verbal mind games, Reality switching, Ridiculing, Scapegoating, Shaming publicly, Slandering, Speaking profanity, Teasing publicly about sensitive areas, Teasing that hurts the heart, Terrorising, Threatening, Threatening suicide in order to control, Twisting Scripture, Undermining other relationships, Using coarse talk, Using put-downs, Using words as a way to deceive, Violating the context of conversations, Wounding with sarcasm, and Yelling/screaming