Examples of Non-Verbal Abuse

There are many different ways verbal and emotional abuse can be expressed. Verbal and emotional abuse can have as many faces as the people who give it and receive it. Abuse can be subtle or blatant, quiet or loud, smooth or abrasive. But with all its differences, abuse is always either verbal or nonverbal in delivery, and it always deeply impacts your personal and social life. “His speech is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords.” (Psalm 55:21)

Examples of Non-Verbal Abuse: Abandoning the family; Abusing mentally; Abusing spiritually; Acting deceptively; Acting overly suspicious; Arriving late as a form of control; Assaulting a person physically; Being chronically irresponsible; Being excessively jealous; Betraying family, friends, coworkers; Brandishing weapons; Changing rules or expectations continually; Committing adultery; Damaging property; Driving recklessly; Embezzling company money; Excluding others from the group; Failing to validate feelings; Forcing an abortion; Forcing sex or sexual perversion; Giving condescending looks; Giving excessive gifts to manipulate; Giving sneering looks; Giving unsolicited “help” to manipulate; Hanging up the phone on someone; Hiding things (car/house keys, money, jewelry, important documents); Ignoring; Interfering with another’s work; Interrupting another’s sleep; Intimidating physically; Invading another’s personal space; Isolating from family; Killing another’s pet; Making insulting gestures; Making unwanted visits; Manipulating children; Monitoring another’s phone calls; Opening another person’s mail; Ostracizing; Over-indulging in order to control; Playing cruel tricks; Prohibiting another’s decision making; Prohibiting the positive friendships of others; Prohibiting the private conversations of others; Raping; Refusing to leave when asked to; Refusing to listen; Refusing to validate another’s feelings; Rejecting one’s own child; Slamming doors and drawers; Stalking; Stealing; Sulking, pouting, “pity-parties”; Threatening gestures; Walking away as a power play; Withdrawing emotionally; Withholding deserved compliments; Withholding deserved credit; Withholding finances