Real Identity

Once upon a time, a little eaglet fell to the ground from its nest high on a cliff. While blindly thrashing around, the baby eaglet was found by a flock of turkeys. Being kind, generous creatures, the turkeys proceeded to take the helpless eaglet under their wings and teach him everything he needed to know for survival. The tenderhearted turkeys taught the eaglet to forage for acorns when his tummy felt empty. Yet after eating until he was full, there was still a strange, unsatisfied hunger within his heart.

Upon losing his down and growing pinions, he began flapping and flailing around. Of course he looked silly, and the turkeys could hardly keep from laughing. As his wings grew ridiculously big and bulky, he could never keep them neatly tucked like the other good turkeys. As a matter of fact, the more he grew, the less he looked like them. Meanwhile, the turkey hens clucked in motherly concern at his strangeness, making him all the more embarrassed and confused.

On several occasions, the growing eaglet looked up and saw many mature eagles soaring far above the earth. His little heart pounded with desire to follow, but an old gobbler squawked, “No, no! You don’t want to be like them! Those up there are vultures!” Crushed and defeated, the eaglet grew to maturity without ever leaving the ground. He tried very hard to be a good turkey, but was still unhappy and didn’t know why.

One day when the eagle was foraging on the forest floor, dragging his bulky, useless wings, a wise owl looked down from his perch and said to the eagle, “Whoo are you? And what are you doing?” The eagle replied, “I am a bad turkey. I try so hard, but I just can’t do anything right.” The old owl replied, “Your problem is that you don’t know who you are. You’ve been turkeyized. You’re an eagle, and eagles are meant for the sky. You’ll never be happy living down on the ground.”

The eagle’s eyes were opened. He saw who he really was. He saw where he was meant to be. The eagle found the courage to try something he had never done before. He stretched out his wings and flapped to the top of a tree to see his way to the sky. The good turkeys raised their voices in astonishment. Many feared he would fall. But the eagle lifted his wings and rose with the currents of the wind. Never did he need to look back. The eagle could now do what he was meant to do … because he knew who he really was.

God gives you a brand new identity when you embrace Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. With Him, you are given “everything you need for life and godliness” in the person of the indwelling Spirit of Christ Himself (2 Peter 1:3–4). With this new identity, develop Christlike character by choosing to rely on Him to enable you to deal with your daily problems. God says that “Christ in you” provides the supernatural ability to live as He intended you to live.