Obvious Causes of Feeling Rejected

Some of the reasons people feel rejected are obvious. Think about a difficult time when you felt devalued; you felt dejected and deserted. Was the reason for your piercing pain obvious? Often, the loneliest times of your life can be readily understood because you were overtly rejected. Your feelings are sometimes a result of having been rejected. But the Word of God tells us that while others may cast us away, we can cast ourselves upon the Lord. “From birth I was cast upon you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God.” (Psalm 22:10)

  • Abandonment – Feeling forsaken because someone special is no longer there for you
  • Adoption – Feeling unloved because your focus is on having been “given away” (instead of on feeling loved because you were “placed in a loving home”)
  • Cast away – Feeling worthless because you were “in the way” and therefore you have been thrown out of the home or sent away (to camp, to boarding school, to other relatives)
  • Childhood sexual abuse – Feeling shamed because your sexual boundaries were violated by abusers inside or outside your family
  • Disapproval – Feeling flawed because you can’t measure up to what is expected: “I know I’ll never be good enough for you.”
  • Divorce – Feeling deserted because your parents split up or because you and your spouse divorced (Some parents feel deserted by their own children.)
  • Domestic violence – Feeling degraded because of physical attacks from one of your family members
  • Excessive punishment – Feeling devalued because your parents were excessively harsh
  • Favouritism – Feeling disregarded because someone else is preferred over you
  • Greed – Feeling discredited because someone takes credit for your ideas or work or because someone steals your money or possessions
  • Hostility – Feeling alienated because of constant fighting and name-calling
  • Humiliation – Feeling ridiculed because your self-worth is being attacked
  • Indifference – Feeling discounted because your existence is not acknowledged
  • Infidelity – Feeling betrayed because your bond of trust has been breached
  • Jilted – Feeling spurned because of rejection in courtship, friendship, or marriage
  • Prejudice – Feeling ostracized because of merely being “different”
  • Rape – Feeling violated because of date rape, mate rape, or stranger rape
  • Verbal Abuse – Feeling angry because you don’t know what you did to deserve such unjust treatment